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Donselson Bathtub Repair

Donselson Bathtub Repair

BathTub Repair specialists have assisted homeowners and businesses with bathtub repairs, bathtub refinishing, tub-to-shower conversions and more in Donelson City surrounding metropolitan area neighbourhoods and districts. If you’re looking for a professional to turn your bathroom into a beautiful place then you’ve come to the right place! Continue reading below or call us 2 for more information on bathtub repairs and refinishing.

We are specialists in bathtub repairs and counters at Schenectady Specialists. Try not to paint yourself a tub; call the professionals! We are also experts in fixing tubs such as chips, dents, holes, scratches, cracks and burns. We are trained experts in other unique bathroom remodelling options, in addition to providing Donelson tub repairs and renovations we offer the following.

Finishing and Servicing

  • Tubs with fibreglass and showers
  • Bathtubs with porcelain and enamel
  • Douches and acrylic tubs
  • Spas and Spas of Acrylic
  • Cultivated marble tub, shower, sink and vanity
  • PVC Plastics / ABS
  • Restoration of tile ceramics
  • Formica or countertops with laminate
  • Recovery and sale of bathtubs
  • Repair and polishing of countertops in Corian and Solid Surface
  • Granite and real marble polishing and repair

Exceptional services

  • Acrylic tublins, showers, wall systems and custom accessories mounted on existing surfaces
  • For easy access to the tub and a walk-in bath with secure / disabled access, tub-to-shower conversion
  • Hydromassage jet installation in existing bathtubs
  • Reparation of vinyl window frame
  • Repair and repaint swimming pool
  • Jacuzzi pump and plumbing / mechanical repairs
  • Removing scratches on mirrors and glass.

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Donselson Bathroom Remodeling will understand all damages and find the best way to remodel your bathroom. With full-service experience, we provide services to our clients. Get service with us right now by filling a form!

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