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Bathroom remodeling  can be divided into different categories. This way you can carry out a simple renovation in 1 day! A larger bathroom renovation involves more work, such as tiling the walls and floor. Logically, this bathroom remodeling  takes more time. You can also choose to install a new bathroom.

A simple renovation often means that you have the sanitary installations replaced. This makes renovation possible in just 1 day.

Bathroom Remodeling Cost

Although these are fairly simple adjustments, this has a major effect on the ease of use. Think how much better you can start your day under a luxurious rain shower instead of the standard, far too small shower head.

In the case of a major bathroom renovation, the big approach is taken. The sanitary facilities will be replaced and you can have the walls and floor retiled. Leave all sanitary facilities that are still in good condition in order to save as much as possible on costs. With a major  bathroom remodeling , where you also have new bathroom tiles, it is also possible to change the layout. With a new design you can make optimal use of all the space.

A third option is to install a completely new bathroom. In that case, it often concerns people in Balen who want to move their bathroom. For example, if the small bathroom is located in an Donelson place in the house. Even if you want to increase the space, a new bathroom is not an unwise decision. Have the room designed by a bathroom specialist from Balen, so that you can be sure that everything is thought of: from the heating to the bathroom lighting.

What does a bathroom remodeling cost?

With your choices you have a lot of influence on the costs of the bathroom remodeling . For example, do you keep the same layout and do you opt for basic sanitary installations? Then the costs are on average between € 3,500 to € 5,000. In the case of an average bathroom remodeling, you opt for something more luxurious, have the floor laid with natural stone tiles and have a double sink installed. The average costs then amount to approximately € 5,000 to € 7,500. Depending on your choices, the price can go up to € 10,000. Keep in mind that labor costs are a large part of the total price. By comparing you are therefore always assured of the best offer.

Is there a premium for bathroom remodeling?

Is your home at least 30 years old? Then you are eligible for the renovation premium. The renovation premium means that you will get 20% or 30% of your investment back in the form of a premium. Exactly how much you receive depends on your income. There are of course conditions attached.

Bathroom Remodeling

For example, you must spend at least € 2,500 and the premium is calculated on a maximum of € 3,750. If your renovation costs more, you have not paid a premium on the remaining amount. You can read more about this on vlaanderen.be . Are you not eligible for the renovation premium? Your municipality may offer a local premium.

Renovate bathroom; the method

How the renovation works, of course, depends on the work you have carried out during the bathroom renovation. In principle, the renovation goes through a number of steps. First of all, the demolition work. For smaller renovations, the bathroom installer removes the old sanitary installations.

In the case of a major renovation, he also removes all the tiles from the floor. If you want to change the layout, the installer will move all pipes at this point. He then prepares the floor for the new tiles by leveling the surface, and when the tiling is done, he installs the toilet, the walk-in shower and the sink.