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1. A quick  bathroom remodeling 

Of course you want your bathroom remodeling  to be completed as quickly as possible. After all, you cannot use your bathroom while the renovation lasts.

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Donelson Bathroom Remodeling Service installs unique showers of the Kinedo brand without silicone . This means that our showers can be used immediately after installation.

For a complete bathroom renovation, we work with large ceramic wall panels . These panels are not only very durable, but can also be installed very quickly.

In addition, we place them on top of existing tiles or other wall coverings , which means we waste less time on demolition work.

2. As clean as possible

A bathroom remodeling  brings a lot of dust and dirt with it – you can’t change that, right?

Because we avoid breaking work as much as possible (see above), we make a lot less dust, for example.

But our precautions go further. For example, we take an extraction system with us to collect as much dust as possible.

Finally , with every bathroom renovation , we also take all the waste with us – both the materials from your old bathroom and the waste from the new materials.

3. Quality installation and materials

No matter how quickly and cleanly your  bathroom remodeling  is, the most important may be the quality of the installation and the materials used.

At Donelson Bathroom Remodeling Service you can be sure that your bathroom will be installed according to the rules of the art. We have many years of experience in the installation of bathrooms .

In addition, each project is started up and carried out by one of our business managers , and we carry out all our projects from A to Z ourselves.

In addition, Donelson Bathroom Remodeling Service always uses high-quality materials within your budget. For example, we choose ceramic wall panels  because they are not only more durable and cheaper, but also because they remain scratch-free and are easy to maintain.

By using ceramic wall panels, Donelson Bathroom Remodeling Service always offers a solution for every bathroom. For example, if it is not possible to place a cabin, we can still provide a shower by using the ceramic panels. We can adapt the panels to the circumstances by cutting them to size on site.

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4. A personal service

Donelson Bathroom Remodeling Service will be happy to visit you to discuss your bathroom renovation. We think along with you and work with you to find the best solution for your situation.

At the start of your project , we go over the plans with you one last time , so that we can place everything correctly down to the last detail.

After completing the bathroom renovation, we’ll show you exactly how everything works , so you can enjoy your new bathroom right away.